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Vendor Portal features

Set up your digital concession stand,
receive and fulfill order, and get consumer insight on your vendor portal.

For Your SitEat Operation,

Why Vendor Portal?

Marketplace Visibility

Get closer to your customers and bring your store closer to them with your virtual concession stand on SitEat! Leverage the Marketplace nature of SitEat and also reach new visitors to the venue.

Easy to Use

Receive and Fulfill orders with less than 4 taps. Sign up and set up your store in less than 30 mins, and learn the system in 90 seconds or less.

Increase Efficiency

The customer insights provided help you manage your inventory and staff better, which increase your efficiency exponentially.

Increase Revenue

By reducing the friction in placing orders for your customers and Increasing your efficiency, your customers are able to order more and you're able to fulfill more efficiently and increase revenue.

Increase your revenue and efficiency today!


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