What you need to know before going to a college football game

What you need to know before going to a college football game

College football is an experience like no other. There’s the feeling of anticipation as you wander around tailgates and enjoy food and drinks with friends — hours before kick-off. The excitement reaches a crescendo as your school’s marching band marches onto the field and plays their fight song (just try not to sing along).

And then suddenly, before you know it, it’s halftime…where have those two hours gone?

In any case, there are some things that you need to be aware of before going to a college football game so that you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute looking for tickets or missing out on half of what makes Saturdays so great.

Here are some things to look at for as you prepare you attend any upcoming college game

  • You want to arrive early to avoid getting into the human traffic, and missing out on watching the teams warm up.
  • If you’re a student, you definitely want to make sure you have your student ID on you to get into the stadium with the discounts or passes that apply to students.
  • If you want to get food and drink items, you might want to look into Mobile ordering. Mobile ordering allows users to place an order from their seat so that when they arrive at the concessions stand, their order is waiting for them. Mobile ordering also allows users to pay through various forms of app based or other electronic payment options, including ApplePay and Venmo . Mobile ordering saves a lot of time especially during rush hour when people are buying anything from a hot dog to a beer.
  • Mobile Ordering isn’t just a convenient option for things like concessions, it can be used by consumers in many different areas where lines could form , such as swag shops waiting to get a jersey or a hat or anything else to show team spirit.

The Mobile Ordering Revolution has made its way to college sports. Mobile ordering companies have been changing the concept of concessions, starting with professional sports and now moving on to collegiate sporting events across the country. Fans can place advance orders from anywhere inside or outside of sporting venues using their phone without having to visit concession booths, kiosks or even manned concessions registers.

On the topic of Mobile ordering platforms, chances are GrubHub, UberEats or Doordash won’t have the concession stands available on their platform, and if you want to support the local concession stands at the college stadium you will want to order on a platform that doesn’t drastically reduce their margins or increase the cost of getting a hotdog at a game.

SitEat is a mobile ordering solution for in-venue concession stands and venue stores that enables them offer mobile ordering and contactless payment without making you pay for delivery or even downloading an app. You can check for your college on SitEat to see if they’re available and if they’re not you can recommend them to SitEat.

What game are you looking forward to and what college team are you rooting for this season?

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