4 Secrets to higher concession Sales
Increasing your concession Sales

4 Secrets to higher concession Sales

No matter the size of your venue or how many concessions you have, there are some things that can be done to help increase concession sales. With a little creativity and innovation, you will be able to keep customers coming back for more! Mobile ordering has become increasingly popular and it is important that your store offers a way for customers to order from their mobile device.

  • Concession Stands should be placed strategically throughout the building so that everyone can reach them without having to walk very far.
  • Having multiple stands also helps spread out sales which allows even more concessions to get sold!
  • It may seem simple but try adding some extra items into the mix like fresh lemonade or flavored water instead of just soda and candy bars.
  • Offer mobile Ordering at your store, concession stand or venue

While these a very effective, you can achieve 10x results by just doing one thing, offering mobile ordering. If you’re still in doubt of the impact of mobile ordering.

Here are some ways mobile ordering helps your store or concession stand.

  • Mobile ordering is fast and easy for the customer
  • Customers are more willing to order specialty items when they can do it from their phone, not waiting in line. With increased spend due to specialty foods being ordered via mobile devices, Venue Managers should expect an increase in overall concession amount per order.
  • Mobile orders are also easier on your employees because they don’t have to make as many trips back and forth between the kitchen/grill area of concessions stand with large pans or hot boxes. They just deliver them straight to customers to pickup
  • Mobile ordering reduces wait times at concession stands which will help increase sales.
  • Concession Stands that offer mobile ordering tend to see higher sale amounts per transaction increasing total revenue. During the Twin Cities Pro Am Tournament in Minnesota at Minnehaha Academy, the Red Raven Concession stand, 65% of total revenue came from SitEat which 120%+ increase in revenue.
  • Mobile Ordering can help speed up the concession line, allowing more people to get food at a faster rate.

The possibilities are endless when trying new things in order to maximize revenue potential!

SitEat is a solution that helps in-venue concession stands or store in venue, food courts or business clusters offer mobile ordering without developing their own technology or cutting down their margins.

Interested in trying out SitEat, we have a 60day free Pilot, No credit card details required and we provide you all the support you need for free during this period.

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