The Cost of not having a mobile ordering solution
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The Cost of not having a mobile ordering solution

If you already have a concession stand, it seems automatic that you will want a mobile ordering app for your business. That said, some people are still sceptical about what a mobile ordering app will do for their concession stand at a venue. The secret to success has always been to give yourself the advantage, albeit even the slightest and a mobile ordering solution is just it if you are running a concession stand at a venue. To understand its importance to your business, here are some benefits you will miss out on by not having a mobile ordering app.

It’s consumer-friendly

Mobile ordering solutions help your business deal with peak business hour traffic efficiently. Indeed, at least 3 out of 25 people leave the line to return to the game once a game break is over. (Source: SitEat Study). This means that you lose approximately 12% of the revenue you could have made if you were using a mobile ordering solution to ensure your clients enjoy the game and your services. It helps prevent the painful experience of waiting in line, getting stuck in traffic, or, worse, missing the key moments of a match if you are at a stadium. A mobile ordering app gives your clients the freedom to order at their convenience, which doesn’t have to be during breaks, but the hassle-free experience means that some will order more.

Consumers will spend more

The average spend of a user at a game is $42 (source: Oracle). This can be significantly boosted by your ability to upsell through a mobile ordering solution. Using tools like suggestions, addons like creating custom combinations give the consumers more options to play with and refine their tastes. Oracle demonstrated that with shorter wait times, 59% would spend more on concession if the wait time is cut in half and that 74% would opt to pick up an order from the express line at a concession stand if offered (source: Oracle).

Improved customer experience

With a streamlined order-taking option, human errors such as mistaken orders are significantly reduced. Customers will order directly to the kitchen, which not only means that their redundancies in the ordering pipeline are reduced but also that they can afford to be more specific about what they want. This also reduces the chances for lost orders to occur. Furthermore, through mobile ordering solutions, you can efficiently enforce the capacity of any space you occupy and prevent congestion. Turning over those orders quickly means that your clients don’t have to look to the next business because your place is full or you lost their orders.

Run targeted digital marketing campaigns

For a long time, concession stands in venues relied heavily on repeat customers, print advertising, and word-of-mouth advertising. While these are perfectly normal channels to advertise, you get an extra option to advertise through mobile ordering apps. This means that you can run targeted ads based on the nature of the event, the type of audience, and other parameters that were not previously accessible to you. This opens up opportunities for data-driven marketing based on the data and the insights about consumer patterns you collect during the events. For instance, if you realize people order more drinks during the breaks and a proper meal at the end of a match, you can decide to sell more products to accompany the drinks during the match and offer a different menu once the game is up.

Instant receipts

If you run a concession, stand you know that bill splitting is one of the biggest issues that not only causes the lines to pile up but also prevents customers from ordering more. The ability to receipt instant means that whatever the client does on their end does not affect service for others. Even better, you can handle many orders at once and offer refunds and promotions more efficiently if need be. So, which of these benefits is your business missing out on? SitEat is a mobile ordering solution that allows your customers to order directly to any stand from the comfort of their seats. Give us a call today to see how SitEat can transform your business.

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