5 Ways Mobile Ordering Help Concession Stands At Public Venues

5 Ways Mobile Ordering Help Concession Stands At Public Venues

Mobile ordering promises to change the way services are offered in public places, especially now that the focus is on contactless pickup. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of mobile ordering over traditional methods. And if you are a concession stand that is yet to join the bandwagon of the mobile ordering system, you are definitely missing out on an excellent opportunity to grow your business. Here are a few benefits of mobile ordering for concession stands.

No more waiting times

            It’s no secret that we are living in a tech-saturated world, and today, consumers are looking for anything that can make their lives a little bit easier. Mobile ordering feeds into this need by eliminating the need for clients to wait in line or being put on hold. We can all agree that concession stands can sometimes get crowded. Mobile ordering apps helps alleviate the burden of placing an order on busy days when waiting in queue isn’t sensible

Increased capacity

            Mobile ordering apps allow concession stands to handle more orders as it affords employees more time to focus on what matters most – fulfilling orders. If more people place their orders through an app, you won’t need that many employees physically to take customer orders. This means no one would have to stop whatever they are doing to take an order and a majority of your staff focuses on addressing the client’s needs.

Improved profitability

            Clients tend to spend more on a mobile ordering app since they can take more time to decide what they want, and with the whole menu at their palms, anything is possible. For a business, this translates to better revenues.

Minimal errors

Mobile ordering also reduces the errors in the ordering process.  It is easy for attendants to misinterpret, mishear or even mistype in a rush to take in more orders and complete service. In this regard, mobile ordering offers benefits to both the concession stand and the customer. For the concession stand, it is an accurate order and the right amount of time to process it, and for the clients, it’s enough time to decide what they want. 

Better financial management

            Running a concession stand can get crazy. Imagine setting up a concession stand in a football stadium full of thousands of potential customers. With such pressure to deal with, managing your finances can get confusing. Mobile ordering allows concession stand to easily and conveniently monitor their expenses by giving you an accurate monetary translation of each order without out you having to even look at your customer register.

What to consider when implementing a concession stand mobile ordering app

Concession stands are a major source of revenue for franchise holders in public venues. Because the traffic comes seasonally, e.g., In-venue mobile ordering in football is most useful when there is a match or a top movie in a cinema, the implementation of mobile ordering has to be flawless. Designing a mobile ordering app is more than just translating the menu to digital. There are important considerations of the user experience that have to be taken into account. For example, a concession stand can benefit from putting the most popular items at the top of their mobile ordering app and avoid distracting clients. Another aspect would be integrating efficient payment methods that will be convenient for everyone using the app.

With the increasing uptake of mobile ordering, concessions stand in places like parks need to incorporate mobile ordering into their service offerings. Considering the benefits to the clients and the business, it is a win w for both. So, it’s worth trying and finding ways of getting that last ounce of efficiency and performance into the business.

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